Gemstone care

(Basics of the proper care for gemstones and jewellery.)

Each gemstone needs different care and maintenance during processing, transportation, fixation and its overall everyday use. This depends on the chemical ad physical properties of the gemstone. Appropriate care for a gemstone ensures its durability and stability. However, if the care is insufficient, it may cause a change in the gemstone’s look, quality, and in extreme cases even damage to the stone. Gemstones are most susceptible to damage from sudden impacts, wearing out or exposure to extreme conditions (heat, cold, sunlight, aggressive chemicals and agents). In order to keep your gemstones beautiful, it is necessary to clean them properly, using water, soap, steam or ultrasonic cleaner, depending on the type of the gemstone.

Source: Svět drahých kamenů (Rudolf Ďuďa, Luboš Rejl), Granit, 1996

Especially sensitive natural gemstones and materials:

  • Amethyst (do not expose to sunlight for prolonged periods of time)
  • Fluorite (fragile)
  • Calcite (fragile)
  • Pearl (sensitive to acidic environment)
  • Mother-of-pearl (fragile, sensitive to acidic environment)
  • Rose quartz (do not expose to sunlight for prolonged periods of time)

In general, we would recommend to clean the gemstones using a soft, damp cloth, if need be.

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